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Holy crap this is the most mesmerizing thing I've ever seen. Great job!


The atmosphere was very well played out with the audio-stylings, the voice work is great, and the art was pretty cool, too. The narrative was intriguing, but the pacing could have used some work. The weakest point of this piece is probably it's dynamics, and sometimes seemed more like a radio play than an animation, but a lot of the time the atmosphere compensated for that. The colors were pretty good, too.

But overall, pretty impressive. I'm looking forward to the next part!

Also, there's a misplaying at the very last title card in the end after the credits (unless "negrounds" is some in joke I don't get).

TheFabs responds:

Welcome to Negrounds.com!

Totally cool

Hey- the animation and track were completely quality.

Congrats to Redharvest and RicePirate for pretty much bringing back the NG collab! You guys seem to attract NG's finest up and coming animators, and it's great to see something novel out there that's clearly sown with love. Please continue to do what you're doing.

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Very nice!

Well, let's see... Your game is not original, but you guys bring a lot to the table. Sure we've had toss games before, but never with as much expandability, medal, as many Newgrounds references, and flipping awesome art! I can tell that this was a heartfelt, thought out production.

Gonzo's art style is beautiful and funny; the details are amazing, and they made me wish you guys hadn't disables the regular right click menu (I wanted to zoom in!).
The turtle get getting hurt with each landing made me lul; it was a nice touch. I also love the multiple backgrounds.The art is what really sold the game (that isn't to say that the code was bad :D).

For games, one can't really go wrong with maestro rage! Nice selection.

No plot here, so I can't talk about it.

An incredible game. The art, the music, and code, the everything was nicely wrapped up in a fun, sporadic package. Nice job gaiz!


-The medals did not register properly on the first load
-The GOLD STAR medal showed up every time I clicked during gameplay on the first load
-Sometimes I got killed by the ground spikes even though I landed in front of them

It's getting there

Well, I'm very endeared by DIY pixel-sprite flash games; always have been, especially when people pull it off well. Your game was short, and lacking in depth, but I can tell you are capable of making a great game! I'm going to go on to gripe about what I found wrong, and how you can improve, so here we go. :)

Many of the things in this game seemed static (ei the non-changing backgrounds and lifeless characters). While you had variable conversations with other characters availible, these were few. There weren't many items to collect, and the method of collection was linear; in other words: you pick up and item, give it to someone, get an item in return, repeat. The story was also didn't really leave a meaningful impact on the actual gameplay, in other words, because the story lacked meaning, one would not even need it to get through the game.

But all that is okay because you are still practicing.

To solve the graphics issues, I suggest you study regular drawing and other, already established pixel games considered good (pokemon, most stuff on the gameboy, and a lot of stuff on NG). Sprites are hard to make well, and I understand that. Also, try to be a little more consistent with the size of your pixels. Uniform pixels can have a profound impact on the professional feel of your games. Also, always try to be consistent with the coloring, too (for pixel games, mellow, mild colors work best).

Like I said, the characters were mostly invariable; always standing doing nothing. If you could stick the effort and make some animations for them (could be just a little thing that they do, like kicking some dust or fiddling with their hands), it would be sweet. The same goes for the backgrounds and item collection: be creative! :D

Now, the story... Well, the game was so short that the dialogue had no time to leave any impression at all. It felt to me more like a waste of time (I mean that in the nicest possible of ways). I don't know your writing process, but you should sit down, brainstorm quick ideas, jot them down, pick the ones that work, and then finalize them... All to ensure quality. ;-)

I think I covered everything(?)...

As an aside, I'll just point out some things that bugged me.

-Pick a different font for dialogue, and give the text more contrast against the background. I'd suggest a pixel font that you can find on the net

-Use whatever variable that holds the position that the main character is facing, and make it to that you can only talk to someone it you are facing him/her

-Better walk cycle plz? Contact me if you want help with that, I can't provide the links to good tutorials here.

-I noticed that transitioning between rooms is laggy. Look at the transitions a couple times, and you'll know what I mean. Characters float for a split second.

They're good, but need work. See above.

Also needs work. See above.

The music was alright, but I think the game itself could do with some sound effects.

This was a good game, but the series has a long way to go. I'm confident it'll get there!


kcnh responds:

Wow! Thank you so much for your review!

A solid game

This is not a concept that is new. Roll around as something small shooting stuff and solving puzzles. It's a challenge and an overall decent game. Were I find that it falls short is the amount of space there is to expand upon the main idea. Not that I could do any better, but I just found the game a wee bit repetitive after a while.

But I did enjoy the physics, which is what you guys brought to the table to make the game more unique. I really would have liked to see better use of the physics that were already in place (seriously you guys could have gone wild with that!).

The graphics were cool and obviously stylized. Though this is a matter of personal preference, I generally like the animated hand drawn style better, but I won't take any points off for that. :)

No real plot, though I would have really been impressed if you managed to make one. ;)

The music was the kind of music I like to refer to as "zoning out music" and that's good for games.

Like I said, the game is solid overall and compact, but it gets monotonous.

Games these days seem to getting less and less planned out to be huge and more and embeddable. I'd like to see that change. Still, I should say you guys did a good job, keep it up! :D

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It's Dark_Dennis92!

Just like all your other music, IT'S COOL! (2 THUMBS UP)! Good work keep it up!:)

Denta responds:

Thanks!!! I appriceate that! :D

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Haha that's really cool. I would've like to see what you could've done with a proper, sculpted background tho. The expression on the green troll from JohnnyUtah's thing is priceless!

Either way, it's totally fresh, keep it up.

fullmetalrpg responds:

Thanks, I really wanted to make a stage or something but I found out about the calendar contest like twelve days ago and sorta slacked off.

Pretty sweet

Not really an art submission, but it's a good tutorial; very effective because you take it step by step. The only thing you kind of missed out on was talking about light source and how that affects shading based on textures. Looking forward to seeing more tuts!


That's pretty hysterical! He looks genuinely happy, too. :)

All my five r belond to you.

I'm not a regular much anymore, but you can still PM me if you really want to and I will see it.

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